Covid-19 Safety


Cleaning and Disinfecting

Common areas will be cleaned and disinfected at least twice a day and at the end of the day. This will include the reception area.

Disinfecting includes all furniture in these areas, door knobs, light switches, work stations and barriers, and floors. This includes disinfecting all touched surfaces in treatment rooms between patients (including tables, chairs, pens and clipboards).

Garbage cans will be emptied daily, all disinfectant, sanitizer and soap dispensers filled daily, and Debit/credit machine, clipboard, pen, etc. disinfected after each patient use.


Hand hygiene performed before and after handling of laundry (clean or dirty).

All towels from cleaning, hand washing, and patient use will be laundered with HOT water.

All towels and linens will go directly into the washing machine as soon as possible to prevent cross contamination. (Excess dirty laundry put in basket in laundry room).

Clean laundry goes to the designated areas for immediate use or storage. The last 15min of the day is dedicated to cleaning/disinfecting so the clinic is ready for the next day.

Physical Distancing

Physical distancing is to be maintained at 6 feet apart and will be observed in the clinic whenever possible. Avoid physical contact greetings.

Anyone entering the clinic must perform hand hygiene, sign in and pass a COVID-19 screening questionnaire.

Patient Management

Patients are advised of COVID procedures when booking over the phone.

Patients are prescreened for COVID-19 2 days prior to their appointment (sent electronically), all forms must be up to date and filled in electronically prior to arrival.

Patients are screened again for COVID-19 upon arrival and will each sign a copy of the COVID questionnaire.

Hand sanitizer is available in the reception area for all clients. Please keep these doors open whenever possible to avoid recurrent door handle contamination between practitioners’ hand hygiene time.

Practitioners will conduct all history while keeping physical distance and only approach the patient for any examination and treatment that requires hands on. Patient will arrive at their scheduled appointment time and will perform hand hygiene. Practitionwe will process payment either through terminal or send patient an electronic invoice. Email receipts whenever possible.

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